Algerian Sahara dunes Tidikelt, Gourara, Crown of the Saoura
Rock paintings by Tin Meksis

On the way to the discovery of the Tin Meksis rock paintings to the northeast between Arak and Amguid in the Hoggar

Tagrera de l'Ahaggar

ASSEKREM from sunrise to sunset

Tenkabrane cave painting  


The music and poetry of the Tuareg world carry with

them one of the oldest traditions of humanity. The history of the inhabitants of South Saharan goes back, it is true, to prehistory. The presence of humans is evidenced by the presence of rock art, cultural remains and funeral sites (mounds).  

In Tenkabrane, not far from Tamanrasset, cave paintings dating from 1000 BC represent musicians with a fiddle in their hands.

On the road to ASSEKREM