Abridged Biography 

Married and mother of three, Farida Sellal was a telecommunications engineer and then pursued doctoral studies in solid state physics. She has been a consultant and international expert, specialist in restructuring and upgrading companies in Algeria and in several countries. At the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications where she was the first woman appointed by decree as director of Wilaya (administrative division) of Posts and Telecommunications. She launched and directed the implementation and management of several large telecommunications systems, particularly in the Great South. From that time comes her passion for the great Saharan spaces. She then taught in several universities in Algeria and published several articles on electronics, the physics of semiconductors in international scientific journals. She was national and international expert with the “UNIDO” in the field of industrial upgrading and restructuring.

Finally, she was committed to the preservation and promotion of the culture and traditions of southern Algeria. The association “Saving the Imzad” which she founded and which she has chaired for several years is part of this commitment which has resulted in the creation of training schools and the building of the “House of Imzad”.


Author of “Fares”, “Nomade”, “Emeraude”; works testifying to the extreme sensitivity of Farida Sellal, to tell with sincere testimony her life but also her passions. Passionate about art and painting, she has participated in several exhibitions in Algeria and in the world which she has animated through conferences. She has also published several beautiful books, works of art, as well as acts of international conferences on the themes: Imzad, from tradition to modernity (2005 and 2010) and Poetry of the people of the desert (2011) as well as Sports practices and the development of sustainable cultural tourism (2019).

Married to Abdelmalek SELLAL on August 14, 1976, they have three children who have successfully completed their studies in the spirit of excellence.

Five grand children contribute to the happiness of the Sellal couple

2003 to 2020: President of the association “Saving the Imzad”

2000: Founding member of the “Deserts of the World” Foundation.

2003: Active participation in the year of Algeria in France.

October 2003: Creation of the Association “Saving the Imzad” – Tamanrasset.


2000 to 2003: International consultant – UNIDO – specialist in restructuring and upgrading of businesses in WAEMU countries. National coordinator of the upgrading program. : Design and development of the upgrading program in Algeria.

19971999: Consultant – Audit – Expertise and Statutory Auditors (Oran).

1995-1996: Managing Director-Euro Maghreb Partners –TUNIS: Director of the Management and Organization department.

1994- 1995: Tunisian Company of Tire Industries (Tunisia): Project manager. Head of the Audit department.


1986-1994: Ministry of higher education.

Assistant professor, Lecturer:

Taught Modules :Electrical and electronic measurements, Waves and vibrations, Semiconductor technology.

          Telecommunications Institute of Oran (I.T.O)

          University of Sidi bel-abbes (Djilali Liabes)

          Ecole Normale Supérieure d’Enseignement (ENSET –Laghouat)

          Houari Boumedienne University of Science and Technology (USTHB Algiers, Bab-Ezzouar)

1986-1975: Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications;

          Lecturer at the Central Telecommunications School

          Constituency engineer. Guelma and Tamanrasset

          Deputy Director of Telecommunications (Adrar, Tamanrasset) (1980 1978) then (1984-1986)

          Departmental Director of Post and Telecommunications (Tamanrasset) (1978-1982).

The day of my defense at the Djilali Liabes University in Sidi Bel Abbes, surrounded by my friends, my students and my inseparable life companion Abdelmalek. I must tell you that I defended my thesis fifteen days after my mother’s death (I carry her shawl on my shoulders). Memories like this mark a life, hence why I share it here with you.