Expertise in the field of upgrading in Tunisia, Algeria and in the WAEMU countries.


West Africa: November 2001 to January 2002

  • Making and development of the pilot restructuring and upgrading program for the countries of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA), in particular the following countries: Burkina Faso, Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Niger , Senegal and Togo.

Algeria: from 02 January 2000 to 2002. Within the framework of UNIDO projects.

Study carried out for the benefit of the Ministry of SMEs in Algeria:

Sectoral microeconomic studies (Textile and Food):

Industry support and support centers: Capacity building of technical centers for technical assistance and training in the area of quality and upgrading:

  • C.N.T.C. (National Center for Textiles and Leather), C.C.Q.R.A. (Center for Quality Control and Applied Research),
  • I.N.P.E.D. (National Institute of Productivity and Development),
  • O.N.M.L. (National Office of Legal Metrology). Development of diagnostics – action plans and monitoring of these centres.

Company diagnostics:

Development of technical diagnostics as part of a Global Strategic Diagnosis of pilot companies: REDMAN, Atlas Mattresses, Gold Loop, Somitexal, Tizi Pasta, Maxi Shock, Maghreb Canning, Mitidja Industrial Semolina.

Development, implementation and monitoring of the action plan within these companies.



Management training – Awareness of business leaders – Design and production of educational tools related to ISO 9000 version 2000 standards

  • Coordination and design of training plans. Design of dashboards relating to the follow-up of upgrading actions and the implementation of management and quality systems within the 21 companies assisted by UNIDO in Algeria.
  • Studies carried out (1997-2004) – Consultant – Audit and expertise firm: Design of pre-diagnosis and diagnostic questionnaire. Supervision of auditors and correction of diagnostic report and study of action plans relating to the following companies: MISCHLER – Algeria, EBO-construction company, APOTEX- Pharmaceutical industry, EGZIA-SONATRACH subsidiary (Hydrocarbons), ERWO-Steel, SNTF -Rail transport, EPRO-Production of red products (10 factories), ERCO-Cement industry, EGTO (Hotel chain).

In Tunisia: from 1994 to 1997

  • Company diagnostics. Design and development of a database (STIP-1500 people-03 sites). Implementation of a quality system for several Tunisian companies including STIP, STVC, Idéal Gom, Epi d’or, SBT-Koutine – (general organization manual, collection of procedures, collection of powers and latitudes, etc.).

Seminars: Supervision and active participation in seminars on upgrading:

  • Seminars on the theme of upgrading and quality in Tunisia and Algeria: Tunis, Sousse, Bizerte, Algiers, Annaba, Oran, Tlemcen, Ghardaïa etc.

Communication topics:

  • “Why talk about Quality? “,” Upgrade and Quality. “,” Controlling costs through quality “,
  • “From the concept of upgrading the company to the overall upgrade”,
  • “Upgrading – Choice and culture”,
  • “Quality diagnosis and global strategic diagnosis – Experiences & case studies”.
  • Training seminars at INPED Boumerdés. Teaching and Design of educational tools (handout design and tutorials) on: ISO version 2000 standards – Quality control – The 07 new quality tools –
  • Implementation of the system (Quality manual, procedures, operating modes), etc.….
  • Consultant training: INPED – Boumerdés – Algeria