by Farida Sellal on the concept “LIVE A BOOK”

Ten (10) 26-minute shows

And a 52-minute documentary

Design and production: Farida Sellal

Co-production: Nilda Ouziala

Production: ENTV


As part of the concept “Let’s live a book” submitted by Mrs. Farida Sellal, the IMZAD book published by Casbah Editions will be the subject of 10 26-minute programs which will be animated and filmed according to the subject in question. A 52-minute documentary made with the compilation of all the sequences will be selected. Each program will include a debate moderated by Mr. Youcef Sayeh with world renowned specialist professors in the presence of Mrs. Farida Sellal, people from all the Touareg of Ajjer and Ahaggar.

The central set will be fixed in House of Imzad, Tamanrasset. Out of 10 programs filmed and produced, only four were broadcasted.

One day maybe, I will be asked for other programs all high level.

BEGINNING GENERIC: Identity of the show, its duration is 42 seconds filmed and directed by Farida Sellal.

Farida SELLAL’s copyright has been deposited with the National Copyright Office with the assignment of her rights to “Save the Imzad Association”, which she chairs.

 The first two videos I made

… The imzad taught me everything.

Book Fair – Paris – 2016