I thank for all the recognition that I have received during these long years, the honor and the happiness that I have had to live thanks to the desert filled my life today with deep gratitude. I thank all the people who answered the call of Imzad and who trusted me fully with their support and their presence. We all worked together in transparency and if the imzad was saved it is thanks to all of you. 


Dar El Imzad is today, the beacon which will guide all being lost in the tumult of the oceans of the world, and that IS our treasure.

January 2019

"If an image is worth a thousand words, the power of a video has no words because the video talks to you " FARIDA SELLAL

My Purpose?

I found my universe

My purpose was among others it was only that …

These kids really need you … All of us.

They are exceptional.

In 2017 – The rehearsal room… The the result is there.

In 2013 – The rehearsal room was not fitted out