Cultural activities


My happiness was to see this!


Tell you how happy I was to devote myself to setting up these different projects, all of which my copyrights have been deposited at the National Office of Copyright and Neighboring Rights (ONDA) with all of my transfers for the benefit of the Association “Saving the Imzad” because I always said “It was not Farida Sellal who saved the Imzad, but it was the Imzad who saved her” … I owed him well that!

When I flee Algiers to go to Tamanrasset here is what I did … These are my favorites … Look at the wonders we have in the depths of the desert … Watch Cherki make one with her guitar! I miss Tamanrasset, Dar el Imzad and all that atmosphere. Today seeing these young people is real pleasure for me. London, Farida 10 avril 2020.

To prepare young people for festivals or concerts I personally took care of their rehearsals in Dar El Imzad.

Especially since Akhamok the leader is the grandson of the late Hadj Moussa Akhamok.


“Eyam El Djanoub” in Dar el Imzad

“Eyam El Djanoub” in Dar el Imzad

In partnership with ONCI, all the designs and productions of the festivals in Dar el Imzad are the work of Farida Sellal for the sole benefit of the association “Sauver l’Imzad” and the artists.

“Tirawt en tarha del ghafit” 

(“Message of love and peace”)


I wrote this screenplay entitled “Tirawt en tarha del ghafit” message of love and peace based on the songs of Imzad band. 

Unfortunately, the means had not been entirely given to us for rehearsals and a consequent support for the artists. The request was submitted to ONDA and I hope one day they will take up this concept as I see it. Below, an extract from the show that you can find on my channel you tube.


For the first time, the TINARIWEN in Algeria.

It was my duty to invite Ibrahim Ag El Habib whom I had met along Badi Lalla in 1979 in Tamanrasset.

This meeting was magnificent.